Goals / Band Schedule

October 2015

  • Sydney Shows

Ralph playing solo acoustic Sydney shows between 24th October and 1st November.

  • Crowdfunding

EP3 Crowdfunding set to launch, band to prepare Crowdfunding Video Intro as part of launch.

  • NZ On Air

"Look My Way" applied for funding on NZ on Air.

  • Extra member for Live Shows

TFT looking for either a 2nd electric guitarist, or bass player for live shows (our current bass player can then do guitar instead). Currently looking via nzbands.co.nz but no luck. If you are interested in joining and are in Auckland email ralphe@thisflighttonight.com.

  • Premixes

Next singles "Reach You" (recorded in NZ) and "In a Cage" (recorded in UK) ready for mastering and will be released in due time.

  • Preproduction

Preproduction and Demos currently under way for next single “Lucky Stars” and scratch demo “Mathematics of Love”.

  • New equipment acquired

Korg Micro Sampler, TC Helicon Correct Voice Pedal for live shows, Epiphone Self Tuning Guitar and Nikon CoolPix P510 video camera for crowdfunding campaign.


November 2015

  • Music Video

“Paradise” Music Video scheduled with Atkins Media. Storyboard and planning already under way and planning began August.

  • NZ Tour

Meridian Vibe manager planning a tour with TFT and other bands, Raglan, New Plymouth in the pipeline. TBC.